A strong tidal wave from iceberg caught on cam

What will you do if you saw a castaway iceberg near a beach?

Iceberg collapsing and making a strong tidal waves
Iceberg collapsing and making a strong tidal waves

An iceberg is a large piece of frozen freshwater that was rift-off from a glacier or an ice shelf. It is floating freely in open water. As it floats into shallow waters, it may contact with the seabed which is called seabed gouging by ice.

The biggest recorded iceberg was last 2000. It was 11,000 square kilometers and called Iceberg B-15. It was broken off from the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica. The tallest iceberg was record in 1958 which has a height of 551 feet above sea level. There are different shape of icebergs. A dome iceberg is an iceberg with a rounded top. A pinnacle iceberg is an iceberg with one or more spires. A wedge iceberg has a steep edge on one side and a slope on the other side. A dry-dock iceberg is an iceberg that was eroded to form a slot. A blocky iceberg has a steep, vertical sides and a flat top.

Icebergs are being monitored all over the globe by the U.S. National Ice Center (NIC). It was established in 1995 were they produced analysis and forecasts ice conditions in Arctic, Antarctic, Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay. The International Ice Patrol was established in 1914 due to the Titanic tragedy in April 1912. They monitor icebergs near the Grand Banks of Newfoundland.

In the video below, bystanders caught on film a castaway iceberg in King’s Point in Netherlands. In the middle part of the video, the iceberg collapsed and formed a huge wave of water. A very strong tidal wave was formed after bit and pieces of the icebergs went down the ocean. One of the bystander informed people to stay away from the beach. One of the woman was shocked on what she just witnessed. Afterward, the iceberg splits into two pieces.

What can you say about this catastrophic event what was caught on film?

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