A child carries a foot ball size tumor is hopelessly needs a life saving operation

Parents cannot stand their children in pain. How will you react if you saw a child with a tumor on his head that is as big as a foot ball?

Her mother shows how big the tumor is
Her mother shows how big the tumor is

A tumor or neoplasm is an abnormal growth of tissue that form a mass. The World Health Organization classified neoplasms into four main groups. These are the benign neoplasms, in situ neoplasms, malignant neoplasms and neoplasms that are uncertain or unknown behavior. The malignant neoplasms are also called cancers. When a cell goes into an abnormal patterns during growth, they generate an abnormal tissue, however these don’t process into neoplasia.

A neoplasms can be triggered by an abnormal rapid reproduction of tissues. These can be caused by genetic mutations. Benign conditions are not associated with an abnormal growth of tissue such as sebaceous cysts, can also present as tumors but they don’t grow into a malignant stage. Some other non-malignant cases are breast cysts that occur during pregnancy. Keloids are also non-malignant. These are the discrete growth of scar tissues.

In the video below, a loving mom pleads to save their child who has a very painful tumor on her head. Pramila Singh said that their three year old daughter cannot walk, sleep or sit normally because of this heavy football size tumor. She also narrated that when their daughter was born normally just like her other children. They are calm that here are no complication on their baby. However, when she grew, they notice a lump on the middle of her head. They assumed that it was a boil but it grew bigger during the course of time.

They have consulted it with the surgeons in their area. However, the surgeon suggested to take her to a better hospital and doctor. However, they don’t have enough money to take their daughter into a bigger hospital.

The parents are now hoping to get medical aid from the government to extend the life of their daughter. The parents also added that they want a normal life for their daughter just like any other children.

What can you say about the condition of their child and also their family?

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