Yes! You're seeing DOUBLE.. Meet the famous TWO headed snake!

There are some people who are really frightened with snakes but what if, worse come to worst, they crossed paths with these impressive two-headed snake!

Medusa, the two-headed milk snake
Medusa, the two-headed milk snake

Genetic mutation is, somehow, likely to happen. But it is not usual to encounter a two-headed snake! That is, unless you will pay a visit to the Venice Beach Freak Show in Los Angeles. There, you can see Medusa, their brand new two headed milk snake attraction.

She has also videos posted online which garnered thousands and millions of views!

Medusa was born with two heads splitting her body symmetrically down the middle. She is a bi-cephalic, which means that she only has one additional head than normal, however, it does not make her a mythical beast.

In Medusa's case, twin embryo's fused after splitting. Yet her heads were actually once a mono zygotic or identical twins. Identical twins split from one embryo to become two.

These poly cephalic animals do not live that very long but there are some documented incidents and cases of multi-headed snakes which are surviving for years.

But no worries my friend! Because milk snake are not venomous and they do not pose threats to humans.

The owner of the freak show, Todd Ray, bought the two headed snake for only $50,000. For owning the most two-headed animals, he actually holds the world record.

He said that he wanted the two headed snake since it was born four years ago. He even went back and forth with the owner and the price for the snake just kept getting higher.

Medusa can still make and cause trouble even if she was only 3 feet long. Todd Ray said that during meal time, he had to keep the heads from biting each other as he feed them separately.

Watch the famous two headed snake Medusa, and you might want owning one too!

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