Watch “Yaya Dub” dances to the tune of “Sorry” by Justin Bieber

Snapchat is one of the video messaging mobile application that was created in 2011. It runs on both iOS and Android devices. This app is considered as a photo and video sharing plus social networking rolled into one. This app was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. All of them are students of Stanford University. 

Maine with her friends moves to the tune of Sorry
Maine with her friends moves to the tune of Sorry

The term “Snaps” refers to the photos and videos that are send using this app. The users set their time limit on how long the receiver can view their snaps. After that, Snapchat will delete this file on their servers.

On the succeeding versions, they introduce “Story”. These are complied snaps that can be view in a chronological order. According to Snapchat, users are sending 2 billion photos and videos per day while the Snapchat Stories are being views 500 million times per day. The company’s value is now from $10-$20 million.

“Sorry” is a song that was created by Justin Bieber under the album Purpose. It was released last October 23, 2015. This song topped on the Canadian Hot 100 which also hit the charts in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and United States. On October 19, this song was promoted thru a Vine video as a background music for King Bach and Michelle Obama. Last October 21, Justin also created an acoustic version of the song. This version last 13-seconds.

The song contains a smooth but electrifying EDM beat blended with horns and dembow riddim beat. This is a dancehall-inspired song. The songs emphasize a change to apologies to an unidentified lover.
On the video below, Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza is dancing to the tune of “Sorry” by Justin Beiber. It was uploaded on her Snapchat account. However, due to the rules that surrounds snapchat, it was deleted and on of her fans uploaded it on Youtube. You can see that Maine, together with her friends / relatives, is swaying their hips, raising their arms, jumps and sway their bodies, and did the “Yaya Dub” dance trademark. You can see that they are all having a great time.

What can you say about her “Sorry” dance move?

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