WATCH! What Maine Mendoza did will surely make you love her MORE!

This footage shows what is Maine Mendoza like when she was off the camera and surrounded with her fans!

Maine Mendoza buying her own food
Maine Mendoza buying her own food

Everybody seems to love Maine Mendoza. She has a great number of supporters, not just here in the Philippines, but also in different countries!

She had her very first movie which was one of the entries for the Metro Manila Film Festival, where she won the Best Supporting Actress Award. Despite this, she was humble enough to think that people are going to bash her because of her latest achievement. She tweeted, "Bago pa ako ibash ng sambayanan, mauuna na ako.. Bakit ako? Pero maraming salamat po! Magandang umaga sa lahat!"

It was her first time to be on the big screen but she proved all the haters and doubters wrong!

She also had her first press conference where it was attended by numerous entertainment press. She admitted that she was quite nervous but she comfortably answered the questions which where thrown at her.

However, some are still wondering what is Maine Mendoza like behind all the fame.. and the camera. Well here's what!

Pinoy-News-Update posted a video on YouTube that shows how Maine Mendoza really act when she is behind the camera.. and hungry.

Maine Mendoza was caught buying her own food even though there was a possibility that she would be mobbed by her fans. She could even ask one of her bodyguards to do it for her, but she didn't. Talk about being humble! All the fame is obviously, not getting into her head.

Seen in the video, Maine was buying herself food then one of her fans approached her for a quick selfie, and without hesitating she grabbed the cellphone and took the picture herself.

Before leaving, she waved and gave her fans a big smile.

You can watch the whole scene below and share us your thought on the comment box!

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WATCH! What Maine Mendoza did will surely make you love her MORE! WATCH! What Maine Mendoza did will surely make you love her MORE! Reviewed by TrendSpot on Wednesday, December 30, 2015 Rating: 5

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