WATCH: Heroic dog trying to SAVE a fish.. This will make your heart MELT!

Online users all around the world are charmed and let out a big "aww" after watching the adorable video has been making rounds in different social networking sites.

Cute dog allegedly saving some fish
Cute dog allegedly saving some fish

Dogs are believed to have the capacity to show love, empathy and grief.

The video shows a cute dog who was allegedly attempting to save some fishes by splashing them water. He seems to be showing a lot of compassion for his aquatic friends.

While some people were sure that it is what the dog is trying to do, the dog acts with clear intention to sweep water towards the fish by using his muzzle as a shovel, others were not.

There were many skeptical online users believed and pointed out that the dog may be actually trying to bury the fishes with water. This was determined by one Reddit user and said that his dog has done the 'bury with nose thing' on a bare carpet floor on top of a bed, and on hardwood floors. There was also one instance where the dog tried to hide a toy by burying it under a sleeping baby.

Also a Facebook user noted after watching the video via Buzzfeed, "A dog does not understand that a fish needs water to breathe. ... People need to stop putting human emotions onto animals."

However, according to an article of Marc Bekoff, he viewed the video a number of times and while he is not a hundred percent sure that the dog is really saving the fish he really can't think of any other reason for the dog to do that unless the incident was a misguided attempt at the burying the fish which is perhaps for later consumption.

Still, the rescue effort of the dog is quite hard not to adore no matter what science and the skeptics may say.

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WATCH: Heroic dog trying to SAVE a fish.. This will make your heart MELT! WATCH: Heroic dog trying to SAVE a fish.. This will make your heart MELT! Reviewed by TrendSpot on Tuesday, December 22, 2015 Rating: 5

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