Watch Alden's priceless reaction as Maine sang 'CRY' for him

Alden's reaction was so priceless!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
We all know that Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub is known for her famous dubsmash. In Kalyeserye, Maine and Alden would exchange songs while they are dubsmashing it. Those songs they use are very related to their life.

But in one episode last October 2, 2015, Maine started to sing a line from the song CRY and dedicated it to Alden.

While she was singing, we can see that Alden was almost teary-eyed.

Maine sung a few lines from the song “Cry” of Mandy Moore:

"In places no one would find
All your feelings so deep inside
It was then that I realized
That forever was in your eyes
The moment I saw you cry"

Aldub fans where more touched when they saw Alden's reaction that he did started to cry. But then Maine's song was cut by the buzzer. We can see that Alden really appreciated Maine singing for him, showing his precious smile throughout the song.

Many thinks that the song CRY was chosen by Maine because of the lyrics. The lyrics of the song very much applies to Alden.

That we all know, he had cried so many times in Eat Bulaga while singing the famous 'God Gave Me You' which he dedicated to Maine.

These two love birds would never really stop giving us unforgettable kilig moments. They make every episode remarkable to all AlDub fans.

Their duets are very memorable. Their dubsmash. Their exchange of pickup lines. And their message for each other. These two really brings happiness to everyone!

Watch the video here:

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