“Virgin Rainbow” the world’s glorious and most spectacular gem

This is the Virgin Rainbow gem. This is the most precious opal in the world. It was discovered in 2003 one of the opal farms in Coober Pedy in South Australia by an opal miner John Dunstan.

See how beautiful this Virgin Rainbow is
See how beautiful this Virgin Rainbow is

They say that this was an opalized fossil from an extinct mollusk during the Mesozoic era. They said that Australia was submerged under the sea filled with aquatic creatures during this period.

This is were the opal field can be found. They supply most of the opal demand in the different parts of the world. They said that it is very common to found opalized fossils in this region. The South Australian Museum you can find a magnificent opal structure. This is the opalized bone of a plesiosaur.

The 72 carats Australian opal is not the most precious gemstone in the world. That belongs to the Olympic Australis opal. The Virgin rainbow measures 2.5 by 0.56 inches. This black opal displays different color like a rainbow that moves up and down like ferns. This is where they get the name Rainbow. It was found in Virgin Valley in Coober Pedy, hence the name Virgin Rainbow was formed.

This rare quartz-like gemstone cost more than $1 million due to the rich palette colors and light-refracting qualities. It made up of silica and water that was form over millions of years ago.

Opals are constructed from the mixture of silicon dioxide and water. Running water picks up silica from sandstones and carries this solution into the fissures and gaps of a natural faults or decomposing fossils. When the water turns to vapor, it leaves the silica deposits. This cycle repeats for a very long periods until an opal was formed.

What can you say about this beautiful opal that was transformed during the course of time? See the complete details of this marvelous gem below.

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