Viral: You won't believe who saved this baby deer from a fracking pond!

Oh my hero!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

A video footage that was posted on YouTube by a user named Jaclyn B, has now gone viral showing a baby deer trying to climb a fracking pond but it kept slipping on tarpaulin on the side.

While the baby deer has trouble climbing a 'scientist hunk' came to the rescue.

An unidentified shirtless man was seen on the video swimming after the animal trying to help. The man in the water approached the baby animal and grabs it with both hands.

But while he was trying to hold it on his arms, the baby deer makes several loud cries.

As the 'science hunk' grabs the baby animal he keeps on telling the baby, "it's okay pal."

"Saving baby deer in a frack pond," the man says as he walks towards the water's edge maybe trying to get the baby animal from the man on the water.

The video on YouTube is titled 'Science hunk rescues baby deer from fracking pond.'

And its description says: 'A friend collects fracking data from ponds and encounters a fawn who can't get out due to the slippery tarp.'

The exact location of the video was unclear or when the video was filmed.

According to some commentators, the US has seen an increase in fracking in the past years, so they believe the video was shot in the US.

A fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is a method whereby oil and gas that is found in shale and “tight,” or impermeable rock formations is recovered. While this technology has been used for quite some time in oil & gas drilling, recent advances to the process have unlocked huge deposits of oil and gas that were previously considered inaccessible or economically unfeasible to develop.

Watch the video here:

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