These pinecone-like creatures can kill plants in your garden

These are very ugly creature can kill a plant without knowing it.

These pinecone like creatures are called bagworms. These can be found anywhere in the world. There are only 1350 species of this which is very small. The other name for Bagworms are Case moths because the exterior serves as a case when a pupae evolves into a moth. They are also related to butterfly. However, a caterpillar wove a cocoon during their transformation.

bagworm that can kill a tree
Bagworm that can kill a tree

Bagworms are harmless to humans but sometimes there are nuisance pests, especially if you have a beautiful garden. Some species of bagworms can cause significant damage to a tree. One species of gather cases from trees during their pupa stage and breed to tree. This is because they can get their protein-rich food on trees.

A female bagworms can lay 500 to 1000 eggs. After that the female bagworms dies. The eggs remain in the bags on the trees. Baby bagworms is very small which you need to use a magnifying glass to see them. They are about a size of a point of a pencil. Once hatched, they will eat the entire plant.

In building their case or bag, they collect sand, soil, lichen or any plant material then they assemble it using their silk. The cases are mount into rocks, trees or fences when resting or during their transformation stage. Sometime they are moveable. They like green leaves as their source of food. Bagworms cases can grow up to 1 centimeter to 15 centimeters long. The bag of each bagworms species are unique to each other.

These pests can be eliminated by using insecticides. However, some of the gardeners retrieve these bagworms and put it in a ziplock bag. Some of them even throws them on fire.

However, these bagworms transform into a moth after their pupa stage. If you seen a bagworm would you kill it or save it because in a later part it will convert into a moth? How about the plant? Are you willing to see that the bagworms destroy a beautiful plant?

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