The world's BEST reality TV show will take place on ANOTHER planet!

Believe it or not, it is REAL! And thousands of people have already applied for the Mars One mission, a one-way trip to the red planet in 2024.

Mars One mission: one-way trip to Mars
Mars One mission: one-way trip to Mars

The mission was still decades away but preparations for the expedition are underway.

For the first humans to set their foot and make Mars their home, a global search for candidates has begun. They will undergo an extensive period of training where they will learn skills which they will be needing when they start their journey on Mars.

Landing and colonizing the red planet, Mars may look like a daunting challenge to do but Mars One believes that nothing is impossible to accomplish for people who are united together in pursuing a common goal.

According to the most risky and tricky part of the Mars One mission is the return trip because they will need to develop larger rockets, bigger landing systems and the capability to launch on Mars. To this, Mars One started contracting established aerospace companies that have the potential to work on the needed system. 

It is also said that their every system needs design, construction and testing. However, there are no scientific breakthroughs needed to send humans to Mars and to give sustenance on life there.

2024 is the current schedule for the mission. Before the humans are sent off to Mars, years ahead, the hardware required will be sent there first. 

There have been over 200,000 people who signed up hoping to set foot on Mars but only 660 people remained on the run. Now, they will face a chapter more stringent astronaut selection process. More group challenges and filmed interviews involves the next round. While the final round for the selection of humans will involve the coping up with the living harsh and remote mocked-up Mars habitats. At the end, Mars One is planning to have six groups of four astronauts to have for the mission.

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