Ten strange creatures you probably didn’t know exist

There are 8.7 million species on the face of the Earth! Many of them already vanish from the surface. These consist of 6.5 million land species and 2.2 million dwelling in the deep of the Earth’s ocean. 

Some of the weird endangered species
Some of the weird endangered species

With these 8.7 million species, here are some of the peculiar species that you didn’t know that exist in the terrestrial sphere. Here are some of them:

Okapi - These long tongue mammal can be found in Congo. They use their tongue to strip out leaves and wipe their eyelids. The number of population goes down from 40,000 to 10,000 in the last decade which was declared as endanger species. Don’t be fooled by their horse-like body and zebra stripes. This mammal is from the family of Giraffes.

Generuk - They can be found in Africa. They are from the family of Antelope. They are also called giraffe antelope because of their long neck, thin legs, flared ears and buggy eyes. They escape danger by runner fast because of their slender legs.

Mutilldae - These are wingless wasps which has more than 3,000 species. These are mistaken as ants because of their large legs and velvety hair found in their abdomen. This can be found in North and South America. They use their bright red and orange color to attract mates or scare predators. Avoid in getting close with this creature because they have a powerful sting that makes you cry.

Red Lipped Batfish - This is a very unusual marine animal because of their red lips and brow snouts. This can be found in Galapagos Island. In the family of fish, this fish is not a good swimmer. They use their pectoral fins to walk on the ocean surface.

Gharial - This is a fish-eating species of crocodile. They have a long thin jaw and a round snout. They have 100 intertwined teeth. They can be found in India but their population becomes small in the last 70 years which has only 235 crocodiles which considered as extremely endangered 

Blue Parrotfish - This can be found in the tropical countries on their shallow body of water. They are good to look at because of their large peak and aqua blue colored body. This is a fluorescent fish spent time looking for food because they feed on small organisms like algae.

Liger - These are half lion and half tiger which only exist in captivity. They claimed to be the largest known cat. Unfortunately, they cannot give birth because of their genetic mix-up and considered as endangered during the span of time.

Deer Mouse - They can be found in south and southeast Asia. The upper body looks like a mouse with a legs and head of a deer. They live in loneliness with their mates. They are usually vegetarian because they feed on plants. Strangely, they have a canine teeth that line in their jaw.

Irrawaddy Dolphin - What can you say about Dolphin and a Beluga Crossbreed? This what a Irrawaddy dolphin looks like. This large blunt rounded head and distinct beak dolphin can be found in southeast Asia. They use their beak to communicate by clicks and buzzes. They eat scraps, shrimps and lobsters. They ecosystems live close to us which they are often being catch or drawn in the fish nets. They are also considered as endangered.

Ukari - This monkey is very unusual in the family of monkey because they have a short tail, loose hairy bodies and bright red face. They can be found in Amazon. They are very agile and can jump up to six meters wide. However, it is opposite when in captivity. They only eat fruits, nuts and leaves.

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