Strange alien eggs found in a frozen lake left the netizens puzzled

What will you do if something bizarre and unknown was seen in the middle of a frozen lake? How will you react on these?

Weird object found in the lake
Weird object found in the lake

These friends are exploring the icy frozen lake in Utah but they were mystified on what they have discovered in the middle of this ice solid lake.

These teenagers captured on video a mysterious and strange formation in the middle of the frozen lake. It seems that these are eggs from an extraterrestrial being. They try to touch these weird eggs and they have confirmed that these are slimy in texture.

Jayson Nilson, the person who uploads the video on YouTube, said that “you don’t just see s*** like this man. Maybe it’s aliens. Maybe it’s alien eggs.” He also explicated that they didn’t take any samples of these baffling eggs. At the end of the video, they saw a Starbucks cup which netizens reacts and made a conclusion about this weird stuff found in the frozen lake.

Some of the YouTube viewers recommended that the strange objects was caused by coffee, after the camera pans to an empty cardboard cup at the end of the footage. They posted “Starbucks coffee cup, dropped, splattered all over the place, ice reacted to it differently that its surrounding and a mathematical shape emerged. The white stuff is the latte.”

Another audience added “Looks like salt cubes someone laid out in a circle to create a hole to fish out of. They might be melting into those shapes.”

Another users added “It’s just frozen ice and some of it is frozen harder that the rest. You have to treat this like crop circles mystery.”

What can you say about these alien eggs in the middle of the frozen lake? Do you think this is a hoax or not? Do the explanations that were posted on the YouTube video gives justice to this mystery?

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