Maine Mendoza funny snapchat videos!

Our dubsmash queen is also making viral videos on snapchat!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

We all know Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub as the Dubsmash queen. But after hearing her voice at the most-awaited noontime show on TV the Kalyeserye, she also started to throw jokes and pickup line in today's most used app the Snapchat.

Snapchat is one of the well-known apps today in Android and Apple. Using the application, users can take pictures, record videos, add text and drawings. Which they can send to their list of recipients.

Maine signed up for an account using her name in Kalyeserye, which is Divina Ursula. She popularized her use-(word)-in-a-sentence jokes.

Everyone were entertained with all her jokes uploaded in Snapchat. She even uses some of them when exchanges jokes in Alden in Kalyeserye.

We've seen her throws a lot of pickup lines and jokes in their show. Even though those pickup lines were already all over the internet some of her jokes are new. That makes people wonder where does she get it. Does she create it on her own? Or she get help from google.

Maine even involved Alden in some of her snapchat videos. Alden on the other hand is always game with Maine's playfulness.

We all can see that everything they are together. Maine is a very cheerful person which makes Alden one also. They bring happiness to everyone.

Maine's jokes and Alden's pickup lines are irresistible!

Watch some of Maine's jokes here:

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