Maine Mendoza cried because of Alden's love letter

He's just so sweet!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

We all know how sweet Alden is. We all know how much he appreciates Maine aka Yaya Dub. We all know how he value their friendship. For their second monthsary Alden made a handwritten love letter for Maine, which made her cry!

For almost 5 months we've seen how Alden and Maine celebrates their weeksaries and monthsaries. We've all witness those dozens of red roses delivered to Yaya Dub for their monthsaries.

In their 2nd monthsary last September 16, 2015 Yaya Dub received Alden's first love letter for her.

But it was unknown to Alden that receiveing handwritten love letters was one of Maine's Christmas list'. It was written on her blog posted on December 2012.

Maine wrote on her blog:

"Last but not the least, a simple handwritten love letter from a loved one. (call me old-fashioned, but I really appreciate handwritten letters more than anything). Para to sa mga taong walang budget na bilhan ako ng gift. Charot!!I love receiving handwritten letters, who doesn’t anyway?
Ang sweet sweet kaya, plus it’s a great way to express your feelings to someone. Bigyan mo ng letter para damang dama! I feel really special and loved everytime I receive letters.
Lakas ng impact! Lalo na yung mga death threats “Di ka makakalabas ng bahay nyo ng buhay. Hayop ka, papatayin kita.” Lol kidding!"

That why when Alden gave her the handwritten Maine couldnt stop her feelings. She was touched. She was moved. She cried.

We can see how touched she is while Alden was reading his handwritten love letter.

Alden wrote on his letter:

"Hi Maine. Kumusta ka na?
Kahit dalawang buwan pa lang ang nakakaraan, ang dami nang nangyari. May masasaya, may malulungkot, may masasakit.
Pero lahat ng ito mayroon tayong natututunan. At walang hindi makakayanan basta handa tayo at ito ang gusto natin.
At kung may may maniniwala sa atin, at may naniniwala sa atin at nagmamahal, ngayon pa ba tayo susuko?
May mga naiba na sa buhay natin. Marami na. Pero maraming bagay din na hinding-hindi na magbabago kahit kailan.
Alam mo na yun. At alam natin na kahit na ano mang pagdaanan natin, darating ang tamang panahon.

Aldub you,


Is really coincidence? Or Maine's wish was really granted by Alden. They must be really meant for each other. Spread love!

Watch the video here:

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