It seems silly this lady is using vodka on her face

Vodka is one of the popular distilled beverage in Russia, Ukraine, and some part of northern, central and eastern Europe.

See what are the benefits of vodka
See what are the benefits of vodka

This beverage is composed of water and ethanol. The traditional way of making vodka is thru distillation of cereals grains and potatoes. Researchers are still debating the history of vodka. It was first produced in Poland in 8th century or in Russia during the 9th century. Moonshine is called for homemade vodkas and distilled beverages.
The alcohol content of vodka varies in different countries. In European countries, the minimum alcohol content is around 37.5%. In the United states, the minimum alcohol content is around 40%.

Vodka is also used for mixing cocktail drinks like vodka martini, Cosmopolitan, vodka tonic, Screwdriver, Greyhound and many others.

In the video below, you will be surprised on what can vodka can do aside from being an alcoholic drink during parties. There are some hacks that you can do on your favorite vodka:

Cleaning your dirty eyeglasses, place a vodka on a clean cloth and wipe your glasses until it got clean.

Rinsing your razor, pure vodka into an empty glass and place your razor. This helps your razor to get clean and it prevents the blade from rusting.

Helps to prolong the life of a flower. Put a few drops of vodka into the water and place the bouquet. This helps the flowers to age slower.

Using vodka as a toner, place vodka on cotton buds and wipe it on your face. It helps clean your face and also can reduce acne and minimize the pores.

For shiny and luscious hair, combine one shot of vodka to your favorite shampoo.
Removes foot odor, just rub or soak your feet using vodka to remove odor. However, your feet will smell like vodka after.
Create a flexible ice pack, combine equal parts of water and vodka in a zip lock. Seal and freeze it.

What can you say about this vodka tips?

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