Bloomberg on Aldub, they disrupted the marketing landscape

Insights, a Bloomberg Philippines TV segment, discuss what is the effect of Aldub in the Brand and Marketing industry. What is the impact of Aldub on the brand wars and how long those the Aldub love team can bring to the advertising field?


The panel consists of Margot Torres, EVP and Deputy Managing Director of McDonald’s Philippines. On her view, Aldub is a representative of a multi-screen phenomenon. Willy Arcilla, Marketing Expert and Brand Healer, his views on Aldub that it is a real love story that magical moment spark on July 16th. That touch the heart of every Filipino. Greg Banzon, General Manager of Century Pacific Food Inc, his take on Aldub is that they are very genuine. Social media is around they continue to be genuine and the viewing public appreciate it.

The host asked Margot what is their primary consideration in selecting Aldub because there are so many love team. She replied, any marketer like to get endorsers who had a wide reach appeal to the customers. Aldub has that and they carries it in different medium of media.

The host asked Greg, why he got Maine as the endorser and not Yaya Dub for 555 Tuna. He said that they predicted that there are lots of brand who will get Aldub. From there, they need to stand-out and there are sort of anonymity surrounding where Maine is not well known and the people are dying to see her. He also added that they didn’t have any commercials in eight years.

The host asked Margot regarding the revenues that the Aldub brought to Mc Donalds. She said that they set a target on their new product called “Chicken Ala King”. Before releasing the commercial they were hitting double the target because of the pricing that they made on this product. Then after releasing the commercial, their revenues went to the roof. For 555, their sales increased with Maine Mendoza as the endorser.

They also compared the effect with Manny Pacquiao as the endorser. In 2007, Mc Donalds released a commercial with Manny. However, it is not as big compared to Aldub.

The panel also discussed the issue with the Aldub commercials not being aired on ABS-CBN. They explained that there were rules not to air any campaign that promotes the TV program. This is the same on GMA. Mc Donald's made a special edit on their commercials by separating Maine and Alden. This shows Maine as a talent and Alden as a talent and not as Aldub.

The host asked Willy if this phenomenon can be repeated. He replied, it like a brand of softdrinks like Pepsi where Britney Spears and Michael Jackson as the endorsers which runs for 30 years. Another brand is Nike, where the endorsers was married to the brand itself. For him, this is the best form of branding.

What can you say about the disruption of the Aldub and Aldub Nation in the world of advertising and marketing? Watch the complete discussion on the video below.

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