Believe it or not, this twins have TWO heads but only ONE body!

The twins who shares a body has two people, they share a body with two arms and legs between them.

Abby and Brittany share only one body
Abby and Brittany share only one body

Born in 1990, Abigail and Brittany Hensel, were raised up in a small community in Minnesota to be protected from prying eyes, judgement of other people with inquisitive stares. For Abigail and Brittany's family and friends, they are normal teenage girls with very different personalities, wants and needs. However, for other people they are mystery which science is yet to discover.

The twins are determined to have and live a normal active life. Despite their condition, they have attended a university, they have already traveled, and they have jobs.

According to their mother Patty, Abigail and Brittany can also do the things other people can including playing the piano, riding a bike, playing softball and swimming. She said that their personalities make them really inspirational. She also added that the twins never give up on anything they want to do, they will go out and just do it.

The twins have two separate brains and nervous system but they can perfectly work in a co-ordinate way. To this, the medical world is keen to find out why and how is it possible.

Joy Westerdahl, the twin's doctor, reported that Abigail and Brittany's family have always resisted non-essential medical test. The family wants to treat the twins as though they are just like everyone else. Alongside with it, Joy Westerdahl claimed that it is indeed a mystery how Abigail and Brittany's unique physiology works.

And any procedure or operation to separate them can be highly complex and dangerous at the same time. This is what Abby and Brittany's parents do not want to risk. They don't want to take the fear that one of the twins may not survive the operation or one of them might not have the same life they do have now.

Abigail and Brittany are likely to face the reality of the world and leave the safe have of their home.

Watch the twins as they share us their incredible and inspirational live:

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