A terrifying moment as python eats a parrot, because life is cruel

This unbelievable pictures show at the exact moment where a huge carpet python coils its body on a helpless king parrot. After twisting it slippery body to the feathery bird, the python devours the whole body of this lifeless bird.

See how this python captures their prey
See how this python captures their prey

The real scene was capture in Agnes Waters, Queensland, Australia, where the cold-blooded serpent eats the parrot head first, with the wings remaining out while it is hanging from the gutter of a lady’s home. After a few minutes the whole parrot body is inside the flexible python’s body.

The Bianca Brierley took the photograph and post it to the Facebook fan page of Stuart McKenzie locally known as The Snake Catcher and expert in catching big snakes, who eventually shared the photos after seeing it.

McKenzie explains that it is common in their area where the snakes will go hunt for birds. It alos hunts for guine pigs and chickens as well.

Normally, the python uses their teeth in catching their prey. It wraps their coil around the victim which makes the prey suffocates. He added, “I'd say what happened was that the python was getting a bit of sun in the morning on the rooftop — and the parrot probably landed a bit too close. Being a snake, they're very opportunistic”.

McKenzie was surprised because you cannot see a python eating another animal during broad daylight. They usually hunt and strike their victim at night. They usually targets chicken or other flocks of birds within their vicinity. "You'll go in the enclosure the next morning and notice that the python has had a feed," he added.

What can you say about this incident? Is the python too cold for the harmless parrot? What will you do if you saw this on your gutter? Will you post it on your social media accounts? Or report it to the authorities?

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