WATCH: Creepy glass door opens twice and shatters itself!

A glass door at a company in Singapore, opened twice and shattered itself even if there is no one around!

Glass door shatters itself!
Glass door shatters itself!

There are incidents that defy logic which leave us dumbfounded even though we try to look for rational reasons and explanations. Is it a paranormal act? Some people might believe that ghosts are real by just showing some videos with ghostly activities. But there are still no concrete evidence which will prove that there are real.

Was it a work of ghost? There was no exact plausible explanation about what appears to be a mysterious case caught on CCTV.

Jay Ong uploaded a CCTV footage dated August 17, 2015 on YouTube. In the footage, the lobby of the building was empty. There was no one, even an animal, was inside the lobby or near the glass doors that the camera could detect.

The building was the Corporation Palace in Taman Jurong District of Singapore. The glass door opened twice, violently then shatters itself into pieces.

The wind outside the building seemed to be blowing quite harder than the usual but Ong said that the door has a hydraulic door closer at the bottom which would really make it harder for the wind to easily push the heavy glass door open, twice!

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