The first and only cockroach farm in China

Just by seeing a cockroach, especially those that fly, terrifies almost everyone. But what would you do if you were to be taken in China where a family owns a farm of cockroaches?

Wang Fuming is unbelievably earning big because of his cockroaches
Wang Fuming is unbelievably earning big because of his cockroaches 

You will find the first and only cockroach farm in the world, in Inan, China. As reported by CNN News, a no ordinary farmer, Wang Fuming, from china said that he stores more than a million cockroaches in his farm. And he lets them lurk anywhere in the room.

Alongside with selling cockroaches, his family also eats these cockroaches! Because for them, it's like a delicacy. He even allows his daughter to eat cockroaches.

Wang Fuming has a building where they breed the cockroaches. You can even hear them in there and they smell like ammonia.

Wang said that in the building's rooms are nearly a million cockroaches.

Wang said that he feels close to the cockroaches.

The crop of American cockroaches unbelievably brings Wang Fuming a serious amount of cash! In a growing market in China, he is the roach kingping.

 To Wang, this is the mother lode. In this one giant packet of roaches, he says there’s around half a ton of these critters. And it’s almost six feet tall.

Even pharmaceutical companies are lining up to buy from Wang. In China, they use peddles crushed roach pill as a catchall cure for the stomach, liver and heart ailments.

For Wang, it is just not business. Because since he was 8 years old he had been admiring and eating cockroaches. And he prefers it fried, in peanut oil.

And he said that if you don’t try it, you will regret your decision forever.

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