Multo diumano ng pinaslang na Broadcaster, nakunan ng litrato

Alleged "soul" of a Broadcaster who got killed was captured in photo

An eerie photo has caught the attention of netizens as it circulate through the social networking sites.

On All Souls Day, in Quezon City, a crime scene took place that left everyone in shock. Jose Bernardo, a radio broadcaster, was riding his motorcycle before he was shot twice in the head.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

What is even more shocking is when a photo taken at the crime scene was uploaded on Facebook. That is when the netizens realized that the soul of the lifeless radio broadcaster was actually watching over himself.

Behind the two barangay tanod who responded to the crime scene, they saw Jose Bernardo looking at his body. A lot of the netizens believed that this was the soul of the radio broadcaster.

According to Ruel Varona, one of the barangay tanod, the viral photo really gave him goosebumps. he said that the radio broadcaster and the man behind him has the same hair color. He felt like he had goosebumps as he realized that the man behind him has somehow the same height as Jose Bernado.

There is still no definite explanation behind the viral photo.

Ruel Varona said that the netizens should stop making fun of the photo and show some respect for the family of the late broadcaster.

While, Adring Bautista, another barangay tanod, said that the viral photo might be edited.

The investigation about the shooting incident is still on-going. It was said that a riding-in-tadem was behind this gruesome killing.

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