Man uses his legs as bait to catch Snakes

When hunting, you need a bait to lure the animal that you want to hunt. What if you use your leg to lure this dangerous snake?

Anacondas are considered as the biggest snake in the world. They usually live in rain forest or swaps. They can be found in Amazon River and in some parts of South America as far as Argentina. They eat rodents, fish, birds, caiman (family of alligators), turtles and even large animals.

Must see, man uses his feet as bait
Must see, man uses his feet as bait

They have digest the food slowly that it may take several weeks for the Anaconda to fully digest its meal. They can reach up to 37 feet long. They hunt by submerging their body in the water and wait for their prey. They use both sight and smell to hunt. They have the ability to sense the heat emitted by their prey.

They are not venomous. They tighten their prey instead of using poison. They will grab their target using their jaws and locking in with their teeth. Then they will coil around the prey and squeeze until the it die of crushing or suffocation. They will eat the whole body. If the prey is too large, they unhinge its jaw to stretch its mouth around the body. They can live up to 15-30 years.

In the video below, a man tries to lure an anaconda using his leg. He put some oil that serves as bait and wrap his leg for protection. Then when they see a hole the man places his leg into the hole and wait for the right timing when an anaconda bite his leg. On the later part of the video, you can see that they are trying to remove the anaconda from the man who lures his leg. It seems weird but this is how they lure his humongous serpent.

What can you say about this method of hunting? Do you think it is dangerous?

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