Bureche's Prank Call

This is one of Bubble Gang's Funny videos!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

Che-Che Bureche is one of Bubble Gang's funniest segment. Where in Che-che is the rich kid of DAD and Bureche is Che-che's half-sister and also DAD's kid.

Che-che is portrayed by Ogie Alcasid, Bureche is Micheal V. and DAD is Antonio Aquintana.

In this video, Bureche is making a Prank Call using their directory and calling any number she would see in the directory book.

She dialed the number of a pizza store.

"Hello! is this the PIZZA STORE? Can i order a PUTO BUNGBONG?HAHAHAHAHA" said Bureche, laughing so hard.

Then he immediately put the phone down. She again looked at the directory book and then dialed a humberger store.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
"Hello! is the one who sells a HUMBERJER? Can i buy a PALITAW?" HAHAHAHA" said Bureche and then immediatley put the phone down.

Still Bureche's not yet done with his PRANK CALLS, he dialed another one.

"Hello! is the hardware store? Do you have a hammer? BANG IT TO YOUR HEAD!HAHAHAHA" said Bureche.

And then she dialed the last one. The Grocery Store.

"Hello! Is this the grocery store?" asked Bureche.

"Yes!" answered the guy on the phone. "Is this 6724269? #7 Makaturo St. Brgy San Andres Quezon City? asked the guy. "Okay ill go there, wait a minute"

Bureche seems shocked and scared because of what the guy on the phone said. She thinks the guy knows that she is making a prank call.

She immediately put the phone down and looks for a place to hide.

And then Che-Che arrived dancing and singing with her dolly.

"Che-Che!!" said Bureche.

"Yes Bureche?" asked Che-che.

"Come here! If someone came here who's from the grocery tell them you're the one who called them! Okay?!" said Bureche.

Che-che said okay. But she asked who is that and what they need.

So Bureche explained to her what she did awhile ago.

"While ago i was doing a prank call and i called a grocery store. He got mad and said he would go here!" Bureche explained to Che-che.

"What? No. I don't like that. He might hurt me." said Che-che

But Bureche threatened her and said she would hurt Che-che if she will not follower her.

So Bureche looked for a place to hide at the back of the sofa. And then a man arrived at the door.

Che-che let him in.

"Are you the one who called awhile ago?" asked the man.

Che-che said Yes. She was scared that the man might hurt him but..

"Ah so you're the one. So here's an ice cream for you! Because you're our 100th caller! We have a promo. Congratulations! " said the man.

Che-che was so happy to receive an ice cream. She went away singing and dancing.

Bureche came out from were she was hiding.

Screenshot from the video

Watch the video here:

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