A 'Merman' being pulled out of the lake! Is this true? SHOCKING

A bizarre moment when a merman was being pulled out of a lake. Let's see if this story was true.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

Unbelievable video was gone viral online of what appears to be a MERMAN being pulled out of a lake in Poland.

In the two minute video it shows five white men wearing bio hazard suits lifting an unknown creature with a large tail from a grass verge.

The white men with the two paramedics put on the MERMAN on a stretcher and taken away.

The MERMAN is carefully moved onto the waiting stretcher and a large, grey fish-like tail is visible from the waist down. It also appears to have a long beard resting on his chest.

The video was taken in a river in Poland but the one who captured it was unknown even the time and date was not indicated.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video
Before they took the stretcher away, the recovery team (the men wearing white bio hazards) tries to look closer at the spot where they got the unidentified body. It seems like they are still looking for something.

As soon as the video was posted online there are number of people telling that it was a proof that MERMAN really do exist.

But others said that it was just a hoax or a scene being filmed from a movie.

Screenshot from the video
The mysterious creature was wheeled away to an unknown location. And no-one has heard anything off the said incident since.

Until now there are still no proof if mermen and mermaids are existing. They have been dismissed long ago as nothing more than a fantasy. 

In the early 20th century local legend, Norman Luxton, allegedly ‘caught’ a merman-and being the promoter he was-unveiled the beast to help sell his boat tours on the lake.

Half-man, half-fish, the mummified remains of a Merman are now found at the back of the Indian Trading Post in Banff, where you can view the beast for free.

What do think of this story? Is the merman we saw a real thing or just a props of a filming movie? 
Isn't creepy if this might be true? 

Comment your opinions below!

Watch the video here:

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