Aldub phenomenon reaches out to the Twitter executive!

The AlDub love team of the famous Eat Bulaga’s KalyeSerye reaches out the Twitter’s Vice President for Asia and Pacific, Rishi Jaitly. He acknowledged it as a “global phenomenon” because

Rishi Jaitly tells about AlDub
Rishi Jaitly tells about AlDub

He mentioned that the Twitter’s users are connected with the live telecast of the show and they expresses their feelings on this social media with a 140 character message. He added that the show pays attention to the audiences which was an accident when Maine “Yaya Dub” responded to Alden during her dub-smash. The producers also listening to the tweets which makes AlDub a “global phenomenon”. This is what the power of television and twitter combined.

He said that the hash tag #AlDubEBForLove did not beat the SuperBowl record but it has more tweets than this year’s MTV video music awards. This hash tag has 26 million tweets on Twitter while the Super Bowl is at 28.4 million tweets.

He also said, “We can’t wait to see if the live, public AlDub conversation can set global records by uniting their passionate fans, the nation and the world on Twitter”.

When Alden visits Yaya Dub at the famous Lola Nidora’s mansion, the trend peaks at 43,000 tweets per minute.  The most shared tweet from the official #AlDubEBForLove came from Maine itself. It has around 4.8 million views. 

Jaitly is also delighted to say that the AlDub phenomenon attracts new users to this platform everyday. He also tells us that Twitter will be vibrant in the Philippines.

The AlDub tells them a lot about the Filipino culture. According to him, Filipinos are very romantic culture, which is very emotional and that enjoys these kinds of live experiences, particularly during lunchtime. He also tried to watch the show and tries to understand what he thinks it is going.
Other top tweets are Alden’s message to their fans #AlDubNation, an official photo of Eat Bulaga where AlDub are together and what #AlDubNation means to people all over the world.

Source: Rappler

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