Watch a very intense battle between two snakes fight to the death

What will do you if you have seen two snakes fight to the death? Who do you think will win?

Who wins and who losses?
Who wins and who losses? 

Here at Trendspot, we have featured number of animal fights ranging from alligator, lions, giraffe, tigers and any animals from the wild. However, in the video below, you can see two snakes fighting to the end.

This intense scene was captured in National Grassland in Texas. It is also called Lyndon B. Johnson National Grassland. It is a protected area with sustainable national resources for the animals leaving in that area. It can be found in Great Plains in Northern states of Texas near Decatur. It is an hour drive from Fort Worth. It is primarily used for recreation activities. It is also used as a pasture field for cattle and other livestocks.

If you are planning to visit the park, you can camp, hike, take a horseback riding, fishing and hunting. These activities are free and you can camp anywhere within the park area.

When camping, you can see different animals strolling around the area. Some of them are harmless and some of them are harmful. Most of this parks, you can see snakes and some of them are poisonous.

In the video below, you can see an intense battle between two snakes. They try to coil at each other, biting at one another and they move very fast. They try to move around which seems that they are dancing or provoking at each other. Their mouths are open in preparation for their attack. They try to bite at their opponents body simultaneously. They try to bite near the head of their opponent to give an instant death. In the later part of the video, you can see that one of the snake suffered severe injury from the battle as it skin was removed and you can see the flesh.

After watching this video, it gives a chill on your spine from their harsh battle.

What can you say about this intense battle between two snakes?

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