This Jaguar went hunting however it did not expecting this

Humans and even animals like to hunt. Its either they use a tool for hunting or their body. What will you do if you are being hunted or you are hunting that is something dangerous?

jaguar catches the deadly python
Jaguar catches the deadly python
All felines are afraid of water and also some of them are afraid of snakes. They say lions are afraid of snakes because the snakes are smart. How about for their cousin like the Jaguar and Tiger? 

Jaguar is considered as a big cat together with the king of the jungle the lion and cheetah. It is the third-largest cat in the world after tiger and lion. They can be found in Southwestern part of the United States and Mexico. They can be seen in Arizona and New Mexico. Sometimes you can tell the difference between the this spotted cat and leopard. However, the Jaguar is much larger and sturdier build and its characteristics is closer to tiger. Some Jaguars have a base coat of tawny yellow to reddish brown and black. The color changes from a near-black melanistic. Due to this behavior, they can appear entirely black however, the spots are still visible if you look it closer. Around 6% of the population have black morph. These melanistic jaguars sometimes called black panthers. Also there are white panthers as well. These are extremely rare individuals.

In the video below, you can see a black jaguar hunting for food. Then it saw a huge python. The jaguar tries to capture this dangerous snake. They went to the river where the python as a big advantage on water. But the snake has no match to the Jaguar. In the later part of the video, the black jaguar was tangled by the python and a spotted Jaguar tries to help the black jaguar in it fight with the python. At the end, the python died becauase of the claws and bites from the black jaguar then the spotted jaguar approached the dead python just to check if the snake is bluffing.

What can you say about this battle between a Jaguar and a Python?

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