This seagull struggles to survive from a small predator

How can you survive a battle in the sea? Pirates try to navigate and plot a plan to attack on their enemy. How about a bird who happens to struggling to escape from their enemy?

See how this seagull escapes from the hands of a weasel

A weasel is warm-blooded carnivorous animal. These include weasels, polecats, stoats, ferrets and minks. They are small, active predators that have a long and slim body with short legs. The term “weasel” refers to the smallest species of the Mustela nivalis. They can grow up to 6.8 to 8.5 inches. They have a red to brown fur and white coat on their belly. Their tail can grow from 1.3 to 2 inches long. They feed on small mammals like rabbits, shrews, mice, rats and voles. Sometimes they go to the poultry farms to hunt for eggs. They can be found around the world except in Australia and Antartica.

A seagull or gull is classified as seabirds from the Laridae family. They are mostly related to terns, auks, skimmers and waders. They are typically a medium to large birds with grey to white feathers. They have a black marking on their head or wings. They have a squawking sound, long beak and webbed feet. Most of the gulls are carnivores. They eat crabs and small fish. They have a jaws that helps them consume a large prey. They are very resourceful and intelligent birds. They also eat live whales by pecking out flesh of the whales when it surfaces. The gulls lives in large and densely packed colonies.

In the video, you can see two predator fighting in the sea. It was captured on film by two brothers who happens to be fishing on the Stoney Lake in Ontario. You can see that the seagull strives to escape from the weasel. The bird tries to drown the weasel using its beak. The weasel also tries to kill the bird by biting on the bird. You can also see that there are feathers scattered on the surface of the water.

What can you say about this epic battle between two predators?

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