OMG! Mom accidentally gives baby VODKA

Always be careful in everything you give to your baby.

Mother accidentally mixed baby's milk with vodka
Mother accidentally mixed baby's milk with vodka

A 6 week-old baby was rushed into the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee on Monday, after her mother accidentally mixed the baby’s formula milk with a vodka.

According to Lieutenant Brad Hetlet, a spokesman for the Kenosha Police Department, the baby had a blood alcohol level over 0.29% more than three times the legal limit for an adult driver.

The 20-year-old mother explained that the baby’s father emptied a water bottle in the kitchen and then filled it with vodka to take it to his friend’s house on a Monday night.

The mother said she used two ounces from the bottle water to mix her baby’s formula milk.

She indicated around 7:00 p.m. Monday, she and Smith, along with their two children were walking home from the grocery store when she noticed that the baby was acting abnormally.
The mother noticed the baby’s toes were red, her eyes were partially close and the baby was not responding to her name. Her legs are also started shaking.

She told the police that the baby’s father didn’t even tell her that he replaced it with vodka.

They were nearly home when Smith asked the woman whether she had made the baby a bottle before they left for the store -- asking her what water she had used to make the bottle.

An argument then ensued as Smith and the woman arrived back at their apartment building.

After the mother realized what happened, the father threw a bottle at her, pushed her and choked her.

The mother then called Smith's mother and asked that she come over to get some help.

“The argument started, and the focus did not become let’s make sure our baby is ok, it became let's blame each other for this,” said Lt. Brad Hetlet.

According to Lt. Brad Hetlet, the parents will not be charged for the incident because they believe that it was an accident.

The father is facing charges but not because of the vodka incident but what he did to the baby’s mother.

He was charged with strangulation and battery, disorderly conduct and resisting an officer and could face ten years in jail if convicted.

A judge on Wednesday set bail at $1,500 cash for Smith.

The baby was discharge on a Wednesday morning and she appeared to be in good health.

“The baby is going to be fine,” said Lt. Brad Hetlet.

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