Budwig Treatment, another Cancer Cure suppressed by Medical Industry

I started on the Budwig protocol just last month while I was still trying to recover from a flu. I was already on the Rife beam ray protocol and the specialist/owner told me it will be a good adjunct treatment to the beam ray. While the Rife targets to kill cancer cells, the Budwig aims to recondition the body to handle the detoxification. Intense detoxification happens to the body during Rife so the body needs all the help to effectively release all those toxins and microbes trapped in a long time.

 Budwig Treatment, another Cancer Cure suppressed by Medical Industry
Budwig Treatment, another Cancer Cure suppressed by Medical Industry

What stimulated Dr. Budwig's regimen was the discovery of the awarded Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg that cancer is caused by weakened cell respiration due to lack of oxygen at the cellular level, and proving cancer thrives in anaerobic (without oxygen), or acidic, conditions. In other words, the main cause for cancer is acidity of the human body.

The Budwig protocol requires very simple ingredients:  greek yogurt, flax seed oil and a hand mixer or blender.
The Budwig protocol requires very simple ingredients:
 greek yogurt, flax seed oil and a hand mixer or blender.

In the 1950's, a German biochemist and physicist, named Dr. Johanna Budwig created a cure for cancer. She was a leading authority on fats, oils and nutrition. She believed that cancer as well as a huge majority of diseases was primarily caused by the improper processing of foods and oils, specifically the overheating or boiling of oils. The basis of Dr. Budwig’s protocol is the ingestion of a special oil-protein mixture in the form of organic cold-pressed flaxseed oil plus cottage cheese or quark. When you mix together, cottage cheese and linseed (flaxseed) oil in your blender or with a hand mixer, the fat becomes water-soluble and thereby immediately available for use by the body. In this manner, the necessary “spark plugs” are provided for cells to “breathe”, optimally detoxify and function.

The proposed cottage cheese and flaxseed oil ‘medicine’ supposedly demonstrated that a daily helping of this mixture plus other dietary restrictions would not only prevent cancer but could cure it. Her thesis was that the blood of seriously ill cancer patients is deficient in lipoproteins and substances called phosphatides (or phospholipids), both special types of fats. She believed that deficiencies of these fats allowed cancer cells to grow and multiply. This deficiency resulted in a reduced oxygen level in the cells. As it is well known, cancer cells can only thrive in an anaerobic environment.

Dr. Budwig also investigated the relationship between fats, electrons, photons and the solar energy from the sun. She is aware of the health giving energy of the sun and its effect on the body. This energy is part due to the photons in sunlight which is also the purest form of energy. People are meant to be in relation with the sun as indicated by their high level of photons. This concentration of the sun’s energy is improved when we eat electron rich food such as flax oil, cottage cheese mixture which attracts the electromagnetic waves of the sun beams.

Meanwhile the dietary restrictions that need to be followed while on the Budwig protocol is to eat meals consisting of nutritionally dense whole foods. Sugar is forbidden, animal fats all salad oils including mayonnaise, meats containing chemicals and hormones, margarine and anything that contains preservatives (these blocks metabolism of flaxseed oil). Warm teas like peppermint or rosehips or black tea which can be taken once a day.

I have been taking the Budwig ‘medicine’ everyday. It has to be made fresh and consumed within the time of breakfast to lunch. I initially tried using quark cheese but it was harder to obtain so I eventually switched to greek yoghurt. They almost taste the same except for the consistency. I usually add in grapes or berries or any fruit I feel adding to lessen the sour taste. It’s tolerable and you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

I have regained back the weight I lost in 3 weeks and the strength to go back to my normal activities again. I have also followed Mr. Romy’s strict instruction to rest as often and as much as I can, to preserve my energy. I just do minimal stretches and some house chores and of course my job.

I once read that a cancer patient should use multiple effective treatments which should include nutritional protocols. The Rife beam ray, Essiac tea and the Budwig protocol which I am taking is a powerful tandem of non-invasive cancer treatments based on research and documented studies. It’s great to know that there are well meaning doctors and scientists who continue to look for the cure, though the industry they are supporting are murdering their families and friends for profit.

Hopefully this blog can reach out to people who are also going through the same journey as I am and share information that can help.

God bless,

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