A very rare video, crocodile was beaten by a pair of lions

What will you do if you are a crocodile that was beaten by a pair of lions? Will you survive this carnage?

Two lions attack a helpless crocodille
Two lions attack a helpless crocodille

They say that lions and crocodiles are natural predators. The only difference is that crocodiles move fast in water while the lions run fast on land. However, crocodiles can be a natural prey too. Birds, large lizards, and some fishes can consume young crocodiles. When a crocodile grew they can consume their natural predators. They can hunt for small elephants, sharks and hippopotamus. They are not scared of lions as well.

On the other hand, a cub can be vulnerable to different predators. When their mother leaves their nest there are different predators that are roaming around the forest. They can be a victim of hyenas and other wild animals in the forest.

In the video below, you can see two lions attack a crocodile. Even the massive thick skin of the crocodile is no match to the sharp claws and teeth of these cats. Two explorers captured this on film. The crocodile was walking on the river bed. Unfortunately, these lions are walking towards the crocodile. The first lion attacks the small crocodile. The crocodile knew that this lion will attack him. The sea lizard tries to bite the lion. Then the next lion approached them. Then they try a combo attack to the crocodile. The first lion grabs the crocodile tail. The crocodile instantly faced the lion to beat him up. Then the two lions circled the crocodile and attack it.

Then one of the lion scratched the back of the crocodile and bites its neck. While the other lion, tries to chew the crocodile’s tail. Then afterwards, the lion bites the tummy of the crocodile. They try to make a hole on the crocodile’s tough skin. And in a few minutes the lions feast the helpless crocodile.

How to you find this disturbing but extremely rare footage about the lions attacks a helpless crocodile?

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