59-year-old Grandmother still going strong as a Fashion Model

In their late 20s, most women aren't considering modeling careers. But this woman was so amazing!

At 59 years old the highly desired – after French-born model Yasmina Rossi pretty much defies nature and has completely broken all of the rules of the fashion world. At an age when women prefer to be at home with their grandchildren, this grandmother is posing for shutterbugs effortlessly.

59 years old French-born model Yasmina Rossi
59 years old French-born model Yasmina Rossi

Despite being a few years from senior citizenship, Yasmina says she's at the happiest place she’s ever been and that her body is better now than it was in her 40s. With a timeless look and amazing figure, there’s no reason that Rossi can't model well into her sixties and look damn good doing so.

Standing elegant at 5'8" with stunning long silver grey hair and beautiful amber eyes she can make you feel weak on your knees with those killer looks. While women complain about aging affecting their skin, Rossi seems to use that spell for the better.

Although born in France in 1955, she was raised in Corsica a Mediterranean island and as part of her work as runway and print model, has traveled and lived in Paris, South Africa and Malibu and still being tapped for major modeling gigs. Rossi was a late bloomer, as she began modeling in her late 20's, which is an age at which most professional models are thinking about retirement.

She reveals her secret is a homemade body scrub and daily avocado
She reveals her secret is a homemade body scrub and daily avocado

Rossi had her big break at the age of 45 after relocating to New York City. She has since modeled for big name designers including Yves Saint Laurent and Eileen Fisher, among others. She has also appeared in numerous television commercials and major ad campaigns for Macy's, AT&T and Marks & Spencer's in Europe.

Naturally, everyone wants to know how she's maintained her relatively youthful looks and good health but achieving that desirable body was not just a product of good genes.

"There is no big secret," she told the Sunday Times Style magazine.

I scrub my skin once a week with olive oil and sugar. I eat an avocado a day and organic meat and fish.

Yasmina also shared her simple beauty rule, which consists of regular exercise, organic food and olive oil. To keep fit, she hikes, jogs, windsurfs and practices yoga, although Rossi stresses it is also important not to over exert while exercising and tries to avoid taking medicine, instead using natural medicine.

In addition to being a successful model, she is also a photographer and an advanced ceramist. To an industry that is obsessed with women of young age, Yasmina Rossi is an inspiration.

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