Babae, bigla na lang naglupasay sa kalsada dahil sa isang text

Woman rolls over the street after receiving a heartbreaking text message

What would you do if your boyfriend dumped you via text? Or via phone call? Maybe you'll call him back ask why he dumped you or maybe call your friends and need their comfort. But what this Chinese woman did after her boyfriend dumped her through text message is the craziest thing ever!

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

We all know that it is certainly hard to let go of someone we have loved emotionally, physically and mentally. Dumping anyone through text is not an adult way to end a relationship. What this woman did was certainly not a grown up way to deal with it.

A 24-year-old woman created a scene that has been all over the world now.

While she was walking in the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui in Hongkong, she received a text from her boyfriend. After realizing that she had been dumped, she threw herself down on the floor of a busy street. She threw a 90 minute epic tantrum that a toddler would do.

She caught so much attention of many passersby. There are people who approached her and were trying to help and calm her down but they are all rejected.

In the 90 minutes video, she did a number of poses that we usually see in a yoga class. She did some headstand, splits and everything you can imagine in someone who was throwing tantrums.

The woman was throwing herself back and forth onto the ground and continued to scream, shout and cry for the whole 90 minutes.

Eventually, onlookers realized that no one can calm the woman down; they were forced to call for emergency services.

She had her crazy outburst for about an hour, before the police came. They were forced to restrain and strap the woman to avoid further humiliation.

The broken-hearted woman was seen being carried off on a stretcher in front of onlookers.

Lesson, never break up through text, who never know what you partner will do or can do!

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