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Modern researchers and proponents of the idea that a lost race of “giants” once existed on Earth have often looked to old newspaper reports for evidence of discoveries that involve human bones of exceptional size.

Mysterious giant skeletons were discovered by archaeologists
Mysterious giant skeletons were discovered by archaeologists 

Specifically, nineteenth century dailies were once rife with such reports, which are often dismissed offhandedly by skeptical researchers as being hoaxes.

Archaeologists are the people who are examining the ancient sites and objects that is involved with the happenings in the past. They work hard from time to time to discover different things that was the past of what we have now.

Russian Archaeologists have discovered bizarre skeletons that have “no scientific explanation for what just unearthed”.

It has literally baffled them and their perception of the past. Bible students know better though what has been unearthed. Who or what could have caused this mysterious creature.

In the Krasnodar region in the Northern Caucasus, several Russian Archaeologists have found a wonderful discovery. As they were doing an excavation in that area, they found remains in that site.

But it was not an ordinary remains, it is the bones of Giants! According to Vasili Matayev who is an employee of the Archaeological Society of that region, these bones are claimed to be a part of the ancient people belonging to the Bronze Age about 4, 000 years ago.

The historian explained that the men were measuring about two meters tall and the women are 1.7 meters.

The skeletons that they found in that site were even larger from the size that they have.

It is really incredible how these ancient bones are being dug up by the archaeologists.

The skeleton was sent for examination and expert anthropologists have refuted all the theories of this being a mythological species, but have not disclosed results of their tests.

If there is any mystery to be solved here, therein may lie the keys to understanding it.

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