Unbeatable friendship between a Kid and a huge Snake

Having a pet at home for your kids is a good idea. Right? Getting a pet dog or sometimes a cat can help your child simulate friendship when they are growing up.

How about if you have a snake as a pet? Not just an ordinary pet snake but a python? Will you consider it a safe as a dog in taking care of your little kids? How about when they are growing up? Will they be good friends or your pet python will coil your toddler while he is learning how to walk?

this child and his friend snake is unbeatable
This child and his friend snake is unbeatable

This is what happen in Cambodia, a nine year old python named "Chambong" and "Chambang" a nine year old boy have been living since the day that Chambang was born. According to fortune tellers they are usually a happy couple on their past life. Now, the snake serves a pet in their home.

They snake treats them as their own child where it has his own space and bed in the house. They also bring the pet serpent to the altar to pray for the God of the snakes. They need 4 to 5 people to carry this snake to the altar.

Their extraordinary relationship began when Chambang is just a small baby. They have been playing and sleeping together when Chambang was an infant and they enjoy their company since then.

Also in the video, the reporter tries to touch the gigantic snake. Chambang asked the report to hug his pet snake however, the reporter refuses. The reporter makes a high pitch voice when the python tries to move around and he said that, "This is too much for me". The reporter also compliments the skin of the humongous snake. At the end of the video, the boy kises the snake like his own brother or sister.

If you are given a chance, will you have a pet snake at home even they told you that that pet snake is your soulmate?

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