This little girl amazes her neighbors by doing this

Acrobatics, which is “walk on tiptoe, strut” in Greek, is the show-casing of extraordinary balance, agility, and motor coordination. This can be seen in different areas like in sports, martial and performing arts. It is being related with movement that use gymnastic elements, like acro dance, circus and gymnastics and also to other athletic activities.

Girl amazing talent
Girl amazing talent

Acrobatics has been discovered from the Minoan art since 2000BC. This is a depiction of acrobatic features on the backs of a bull. Ancient Greeks and Romans also practiced this. While in China, it has been part of their culture since the Han Dynasty from 206BC-AD 220. They performed this on village harvest festivals. Then it was continue in the present time as variety arts.

Acrobatics also served as a form of fine art. Like in the paintins in Acrobats at the Cirque Fernando which was created by the Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. This art contains two German acrobatic sisters.

In the Philippines, Acrobatics are applied in street dance performance. This is being use as well for talent competition in towns or in television. Judges are usually impressed with the acrobatic arts being performed by the contestant. The higher the flips and the more daring the act the more wows from the judge.

In the video below, a little girl performs her stunning talent. She flips, launch in the air and even balance in one arm. With the help of her brother or father, she can perform those stunts well. Her neighbors are impressed on her talent and how high can she reach. She also performed triple twists while she is being hurl in the air. One of the audience asked them to give the girl a round of applause for her talent.

What can you say about her talent? Did she impressed you with her extra-ordinary gift?

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