This adorable baby elephant chasing birds is the cutest thing ever!

Watching a video of a baby elephant chasing a flock of bird is the cutest moment ever, isn’t?

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

These past few weeks had been a sad week for all animal lovers when a adored lion named Cecil at the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe was illegally killed by an American hunter. And so the hash tag #CecilTheLion goes viral.

The story of the beloved Lion has been depressing because of all the endangered animals in the wild.

But footage from the group Kruger Sightings will bring joy again to all animal lovers. It will remind us that there is still a reason to smile. And it’s because of a baby elephant!

The video uploaded in YouTube shows a baby elephant trying to chase a flock of bird in Kruger National Park in South Africa will bring you so much joy.

The baby elephant is running and swatting the birds. And the adorable moment was caught on camera.

In the video, the baby elephant can be seen standing in the middle of the H3 road, not far from Berg-en-Dal rest camp.

While the little elephant is greatly outnumbered, it outweighs its opponents by 200 pounds and puts up a good fight before retreating back into the brush with the rest of its herd.

The baby elephant puts its head down and begins charging towards some of the birds. Its trunk swings around eagerly.

The birds, which can be heard chirping throughout the video, responded to the elephant by flying out of its way.

“Such a cute video of a tiny new-born elephant trying to chase away the low flying swallows that are around him,” written on the video by Kruger Sightings.

"With this week being so sad after the loss of a great animal, Cecil the lion, we thought we would cheer everyone up with a video that will make you cry of happiness, rather than sadness," the Kruger National Park wrote on their YouTube page.

Watch the video here and prepare for some cuteness overload:

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