Mother Bird attacks Snake who ate her babies

Mother protects and cares for their love one. This applies on animals as well. They try to give enough love for their young ones until they gets the time that they can leave their home and explore the world.

What if in the animal kingdom they need to protect their love ones and took vengeance if someone got suffered or killed? What if this animal at needs to make revenge is a prey to the animal that they need to apply justice?

Snake against a bird's revenge
Snake against a bird's revenge

In the video below, you can see that the bird attacks snake. We all know that bird is one of the natural sources of food. However, there are some birds that are immune to the venom of this serpent. As you can see in the video, the bird survives the snake bites. The bird tries to fly away when the snake is about to make their move. Then the bird bites the snake using its sharp beak. The bird’s horning projecting jaws helps it to kill the snake. Also, one of the advantages of the bird against the snake that the bird can attack while flying.

Then the bird tries to attack the snake. The fowl want to get even to the snake. It is motivated to get revenge because the snake ate one of the baby birds. The spectators watch how the bird wins this battle. The bird is motivate to win against one of their fearless enemy.

At the end of the video, you can see that one of the audience tries to cut the lifeless snake after the snake loss against the inspired bird. The people were impressed with the mother bird talented fighting skills.

What can you say about the mother bird? Did the bird gets it revenge against the snake who ate the baby bird?

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