Man found "love" with his realistic-looking doll because of depression

Experts claim that depression can really make someone think of ending their life. It is really a serious illness that needs immediate treatment. Tablets and medicines usually are not sufficient. Different individuals have a tendency to seek out happiness from uncommon issues.

Song Bo brings his doll "daughter" along all his trips
Song Bo brings his doll "daughter" along all his trips 

Some people show ways of loving differently. What may seem odd to others may seem like the ray of positive light that makes a person human and lovable. Such is the case of a Chinese man who took on a family in a form of a doll.

This man named Song Bo was diagnosed with a serious illness which caused him to experience a lot of pain that led to depression. At that time, he knew it for sure that it's impossible for him to be married and to have kids.

While he was browsing the internet, he saw a website called Taobao. This site offers a child-sized love doll.

He then bought one that is 4'11 that costs $2,200 and named her Xiao Die or "little butterfly". He handled the doll as if it was a actual youngster. Although it's odd for others, he does not mind it. He nonetheless brings her into journeys in groceries, quick meals and even in cinemas.

He handled it like as if he was an actual daughter. Track Bo confirmed a love that solely a father might do. The doll gave an awesome impact to Music Bo's melancholy.

Song Bo is not alone, he lives with his mother who like any other mother loves Song Bo enough, that she posed no objections when he brought the doll, or his "daughter" into their lives.

Like any supportive mother (to kids who bring home pets maybe or find imaginary friends) she decided to be open and didn't tell him that treating it like a real child isn't normal.

Thus, happiness might be discovered anyplace.

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