Brutal fight between a Squirrel and a Snake

They say that a snake gets everything it wanted. The victim is no much for the venomous fangs of this reptile.

Killing them is a breeze and instant food that they can swallow it whole. But what if the usual predator can't even touch its prey?

How will you react when a snake loses on a battle with a squirrel?

An Epic battle between a snake and a squirrel
An Epic battle between a snake and a squirrel 

Snakes are carnivorous reptile that kills its prey by wrapping their body Around the prey. The. They will paralyzed their prey by injecting a lethal venom from their fangs. They need to protect their body from the bite from their prey.

How about if the prey like in this instance a squirrel provokes a snake in a very epic but amazing battle between a reptile and a mammal.

In the video below, a squirrel tries to wins this battle with a venomous serpent by biting on the snake's body and tries to avoid any bite from the snake’s dangerous fangs. The squirrel keeps on biting the snake’s tail and avoids being strangled by the slippery snake’s body.

To win this battle, the squirrel keeps on biting the snake's head and body. When the snake is ready to attack, the squirrel dock-off and keeps on bitting the snake's body. After a few minutes, the snake thinks that he will loose in this battle and gives up. The snake tries to crawl away but the squirrel is still in his tail still munching on the snake’s skin and body. The snake tries it again for the second time but the squirrel strong teeth is still eating the snake's soft body.

On the later part of the video, the owner of the video keeps betting on the squirrel and he congratulates this rodent with bushy tail for knocking down the snake.

What do you think will happen to the snake after this battle? Do you think this is considered as an amazing battle capture in film?

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