A real life fairytale! Gorgeous British Girl married a very simple Indonesian Man

Love is so unexpected. It would give us our destiny at the least expected time and with the least expected person. So here’s a story of a very beautiful girl who fell in love in a very simple man. True love does exist!

A very simple Indonesian man fell in love with a stunning British girl

August 8, 2015 is probably one of the happiest days in Bayu Kumbara’s life as he married the love of his life, a beautiful woman from United Kingdom.

Jennifer Brocklehurst is a gorgeous woman from United Kingdom who stole Bayu’s heart.

Their wedding became viral all over the internet because Bayu is an Indonesian man and is not that handsome, while Jennifer is so stunning. Yes! A real life fairytale.

According to a website, Bayu is a very funny and happy person with a funny face, which must be the reason why the gorgeous Jennifer fell in love with him. Girls love man with sense of humor.

Their love story started last January when Bayu was still taking up his classes at the Andalas University in Indonesia.

And Jennifer was in Indonesia to travel. It was a love at first sight according to the love birds. They may have a lot of differences, but magic happened to them when they fell in love with each other.

After a few months of being together, they decided to tie the knot. But with lack of funds, Jennifer requested for donations online on tilt.com in order to support the cost of their big day.

Her goal was 2,500 pounds (approximately S$5,502). However within the end, she managed to lift regarding 1,000 pounds (approximately S$2,200).

The money that people donated was used to get the parents to attend their wedding celebration.

Jennifer wanted to buy flight tickets for her family because the wedding was in Indonesia.

Even though they didn’t reach the goal, Jennifer still married the love of his life.

Their wedding pictures had circulated all over the media site and they were given congratulatory message from their friends and followers.

That wedding has received wide coverage on social media, and it is not because of the cost of the wedding but rather, the image they portray as a couple which goes against mainstream stereotypes.

Now we all know that true love does exist and there is really a love at first sight. But is there a FOREVER?!

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