A 9–foot satanic statue was unveiled in Detroit!

I can’t believe this happened! A statue of Satan?!

A 9-foot bronze statue of Satan in Detroit, USA.
A 9-foot bronze statue of Satan in Detroit, USA.

The Satanic Temple gathered around 700 people in an old industrial warehouse on Saturday night in Detroit Ave, USA.

The group unveiled a controversial 9-foot-tall goat –headed bronze monument of Satan.

The monument shows Satan with horns, hooves, wings and a beard. It has an inverted pentagram and has 2 young children glaring up at the creature. The bronze statue with 9-foot-tall weighs 2,000 pounds.

They named the goat-headed satanic idol Baphomet.

The group chooses Detroit as the location for its first national chapter house. The city has the largest and oldest Chapter of a national Satanist organization.

"Detroit is our first and primary chapter," spokesman Doug Mesner says by email. "We feel at home in Detroit."

Party-goers paid $25 for a ticket, and $75 to get photographed on Baphomet’s lap at the “unveiling party”.

The event was dubbed as the “largest public satanic ceremony in the history.”

At exactly 11:30pm, July 25, the unveiling was handled by two topless guys who shared a romantic embrace as part of the ceremony. The cloth covering the monument was taken down; party-goers are cheering “Hail Satan.”

After the unveiling the attendees rushed towards the statue to pose for photos with the statue.

“The Baphomet is both beast and man, male and female, one hand is pointed toward the sky, the other to the ground… it’s representative of the dualities of our nature,” said Jex Blackmore, the Satanic Temple’s Chapter founder.

During the event there are some protesters who tried to stop the followers from entering the venue.

“Protesters arrived for a short time at our first ticketing location, but retreated after only about 30 minutes,” said Jex Blackmore. “One woman attempted to block the event entrance and was removed by the police in cooperation with the building’s owner.”

The group's co-founder Lucien Greaves told the Associated Press that people had threatened to burn the venue down prior to the unveiling.

Bands and DJs performed at the even while the followers were washed with red light.

The statute cost more than $100,000 to create, but it will not be staying in Detroit.

According to the satanic group, they hope to place the statue permanently next to a Ten Commandments monument near a state courthouse in Oklahoma City.

Watch the video:

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