WATCH: Woman jumps inside a Crocodile enclosure and nearly gets bitten

A tourist jumped into a crocodile enclosure soon made a swift exit after the animal attempted to launch an attack.

Footage that will make you weep for humanity has emerged of the young woman climbing over a fence and attempt to antagonize the large reptile.

The woman climbs into the animal's enclosure despite her friends repeated pleas

The crocodile was not happy to have a visitor in its enclosure and soon made its displeasure known - much to the woman's apparent surprise.

The person filming her tells her not to go in but the she takes no notice.

The woman, who has been identified by media as Stacy Alejandra Torres Cuellar, was at the Zoo La Pastora in Monterrey, Mexico, when she decided to trespass into the animal's pen.

In the footage, Ms Cuellar climbs over the barrier onto the rocky walls of the enclosure, before slipping down into the long grass after losing her footing.

But this small mishap doesn't deter her. She makes her way over the crocodile, despite pleas from her friends who recorded the incident on their mobile phones. She brazenly strolls over to the croc as onlookers watch and starts aggravating it from just inches away.

Ignoring their advice, Ms Cuellar then inches her towards the animal before prodding its back.

The beast remains still at first before her foolish actions prove too much. It tries to take a chunk out of her, forcing the girl back and loosing her balance.

Shocked by the predator's reaction, Ms Cuellar lets out a scream and falls back before running for safety.

Thankfully, the croc does not continue its attack and she has time to get back on her feet and scramble back out of the enclosure back to safety

Zoo coordinator Fustavo Sepulveda at the Zoo La Pastora in Monterrey has condemned the Ms Cuellar's action and has told Mexican news site Info7 that she has now been banned from the park.

The crocodile is seen as a symbol of luck and power in some sections of Mexico.

Earlier this week the mayor of San Pedro Huamelula married a crocodile for the SECOND time in a year.  Mayor Joel Vasquez Rojas wed the croc in a bizarre ceremony attended by thousands of villagers.

The large reptile is seen as the princess of waters and holds powers over fish and other creatures.

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