This amazing woman can fit easily inside a small container

A lot of people had problems when it comes to flexibility. Most of us couldn't even touch our knees and toes without complaining how hard it is to reach them.

Growing older means stiffer bones and muscles. If you are not exercising regularly, reaching even for your toes can already be a big struggle.

Just look at that jaw-dropping flexibility
Just look at that jaw-dropping flexibility 

That's why it's always impressive when we see people demonstrate great physical flexibility. Ballet dancers, for example, are awesome at this and they can easily bend and lift their bodies seemingly without much effort.

And then there are people like Zlata.

Julia Günthel – best known as Zlata – is originally from Kazakhstan and considered to be the world’s most flexible woman. It’s not difficult to see why.

This woman currently holds the title of being the "World's Most Flexible Woman." Born. Julia Günthel, Zlata has gained world records for her amazing contortionist skills. She first showed signs of her unusual talent when she was 4 when a kindergarten teacher noticed it.

At her young age of 8, she knew that she could do something that is not normal for other people. So she decided to apply at a circus.

At age 10, Zlata was performing professionally as a contortionist and at 31, she's made a full career out of her flexibility. But just how flexible is she? Well, the Discovery Channel put her through an MRI machine and doctors found that her ligaments were "as flexible of those of an infant".

Based on the research that the Discovery Channel made when they featured this flexible woman that could fit in a suitcase, they've found out that the ligaments of this woman who is already 31 years old can be compared to an infant. She is nearly as flexible as the newborn babies.

Later on, she explored gymnastics and eventually began performing as a contortionist in circus. In 2010, she has also been featured in the Discovery Channel because of her exceptional flexibility.

For those of us who are proud that we can touch our toes, well, it looks like we've got some stiff competition.

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