Rare footage of two venomous snakes fighting for their lives

When visiting Africa, you can witness a different life in the wild. It just like watching Pumba running along the vast forest.

What will you do if you something extra-ordinary? Will you immediately get your camera and capture this unusual event?

These poisonous snakes show who is the king.
These poisonous snakes show who is the king.

How about the snakes? There are plenty of these kinds of creature in Africa. Most of them are venomous and deadly. They live in the wild and they will try to compete with each other.

In Africa, the most dangerous and poisonous snakes are the Black Forest Cobra and a Puff Adder Snake. A black forest cobra lives in lowland forest or in a moist savanna habitats. It is the longest and largest cobra breed. It measures up to 3.1 meters long. They can adapt into a different climate. This species is very alert, easily agitated where most scientist considers this a very dangerous snake.

On the other hand, the Puff Adder Snake, is a venomous in the Viper breed. They can be found in Morocco, Arabia and in Africa. They are aggressive and measure about 1meter. They are sluggish snakes where they relay on their body color pattern for protection. The common names for this snakes are puff adder and its scientific name is bitis arietans.

On the video, a black forest cobra is hungry and looking for a prey when this snake saw a puff adder which resolve the cobra’s hunger. During the death match, both of them tries to bit each other. That releases a poisonous venom. On of the snakes dies which leaves the blue one victory on this battle.

The video was captured by Michael Eastman in Tanzania, East Africa. This rare footage was captured during his travel in Africa last 2003.

If you are Michael Eastman, will to grab your camera and film this dangerous battle between two of the most venomous snakes in Africa?

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