Dentist pulled out a man's wisdom tooth and found something growing from it

Let's face it, most of us have fear of our tooth getting extracted. That is why whenever we have cavities in our teeth, we tend to just ignore them and forego going to the dental clinic.

But that is exactly what happened with this guy. And when he found out what grew from his molars, not only he was shocked, all the dentists were surprised, too!

Dentists found guava sprout growing in man's cavity
Screenshot from the video.

Disgusting stuff and fascinatingly odd things really interest a lot of people. In fact, it is the latest craze these days, whatever's weird will surely be a hit. But this one probably belongs to the top of the list.

The truth is the photos below and the videos you're about to see can be very disturbing but if taken with a grain of salt, they can actually be a bit fascinating.

36-year-old Taiwanese man with severe toothache sought help from a dentist last week. The dentist pulled out the man's wisdom tooth - and found a guava sprout growing from it. It turns out not only did the man have poor oral hygiene, his bottom wisdom tooth was missing, so after the seed got stuck, it had room to grow. It is estimated that the guava sprout was about 10 days old.

The animated video below presents the man's molars after he sought dental assistance. He thought it was just a simple tooth decay he wants to get extracted. But, the dentists checked and there's more to it than cavities and tooth decay.

According to the dentist, it is possible that the guava seed was able to sneak in to the tooth and then germinated freely into his teeth as he has no wisdom tooth at the opposing gum.

The man was so embarrassed that he hastily left the clinic to avoid the walk of shame and perhaps indignation at being turned into a freak show. Good enough, the dentist was able to take a photo of the rare discovery for everyone's delight.

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