This pizza box turns into a boring pizza party into a movie night.

It's Friday night, most of us goes to the movie house to watch and unwind. Some of us goes to a friends house to drink beer and eat pizza.

pizza with a free movie inside
Pizza with a free movie inside
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For coach potato people, usually, they will call a number to deliver their favorite pizza then watch a movie on their big television screen. Movies and pizza is everyones favorite past time. From families, to friends and lovers, having a nice pizza and a nice movie to watch is extremely relaxing especially on a Friday night.

In Hong Kong, they have formulated this favorite past time by incorporating movies into a pizza box. They turn a cardboard pizza box into a film projector and using your smartphone to project the free movies that comes within the box.

There is a cut-out hole inside the box, you can place the lens that found in the “pizza cutter” found on the top of the steaming savory pizza pie. Then you can place your phone inside the box using the “pizza stand” and project the free movie on a wall.

The free movie can be downloaded by scanning the QR code found in the side of the box. Aside from that you can also project your own favorite movies stored on your smartphone memory.

Looking at this innovative marketing strategy, the customer saves at least 20000 Philippine pesos for a home projector or 100000 Philippine pesos for a 50 inches High-Definition Smart Television.

So next time you and your friends, or love ones are planning to watch a movie. Order a pizza and a instant home screen projector will be delivered into your door steps free of charge. This also includes a free movie and you can download thru your mobile device. All you need, is to sit back, relax and enjoy the movie!

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