This Philippine Diving Duo's stunt goes viral!

A pair of Filipinos have created a splash in more ways than one after footage of their botched dives at the SEA Games caused such a stir that authorities demanded answers.

This Philippine diving duo might have failed but they won the internet
This Philippine diving duo might have failed but they won the internet

Competing at the South East Asia Games, the pair received no points between them after landing in the pool in rather ungraceful fashions

Footage of John Elmerson Fabriga and John David Pahoyo has gone viral after both athletes, on their fourth dive in the men's 3m springboard, landed nearly horizontal, scoring zero points.

Competing at the SEA Games 2015 in Singapore they attempted dives on the 3-meter springboard, both with difficulty rating 3.0.

Fabriga went first and it looked pretty good to start off but he entered the water with what can only be described as a spectacular back-flop.

The judges were not kind but at least they were unanimous. Five straight zeros.

Pahoyo was next and he didn’t fare any better.

Reaction has been mixed to the duo dubbed the "Splash Brothers", with some Internet users poking fun and others calling for restraint.

We are not sure how he was supposed to enter the water but he couldn’t even manage to copy his friend’s disastrous back-flop as he splashed into the pool with bent legs first.

This completed the Filipino divers zero-point performance as the scoreboard flashed 0.0 from all the judges once more.

But their performance has made waves with Philippine Sport Commission chairman Richie Garcia, who is reportedly seeking an explanation from aquatics chief Mark Joseph.

"I will give the opportunity for the Philippine Swimming Inc. president to explain because he fought for these divers to come here and compete," Garcia said, according to

"I saw these boys train at Rizal Memorial and they are good." Garcia also wondered whether the dives were intentionally bad, according to the report.

Fabriga and Pahoyo, who finished about 100 points adrift of their competitors, are not the only divers to underwhelm at the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in Singapore.

Some competitors in the women's 10m platform chose to dive from 7.5m or even 5m, and many also landed awkwardly, drawing murmurs from the Aquatics Centre crowd.

The head of the Philippine Aquatic Sports Association (Pasa) defended the duo, accusing a total lack of economic support for the sport.

“They’re new, they’re young they’re first-timers at this level, so don’t expect fireworks,” Pasa chief Mark Joseph told Sports Interactive Network Philippines.

“Maybe it should teach a lesson to everybody that" these types of results are unavoidable "if you don’t invest."

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