Queen's Royal Guard points gun on a tourist outside the Windsor Castle

Don't ever mess with the Queen's Royal Guard, what happened to this guy was frightful!

The Queen's guards are known for their ability to remain standing at attention outside the royal residence in England.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

A video uploaded in YouTube shows one Asian tourist visiting the Windsor Castle, was being playfully rude with the patrolling soldier by mimicking his march and touching his shoulder.

His friends in the background can be heard giggling and laughing as he walks alongside of the soldier.

While the young man tries to tease him, the guard suddenly draws his weapon and shouts at the man to get back.

"Get back from the Queen's Guard!"
shouted the guard, pointing his bayonet-tipped SA80 rifle at the frightened tourist.

It seems that the guard was not amused at all.

The guard was able to continue his patrol, but left the tourist pretty shocked.

After the incident a Ministry of Defense representative called the guard's response "appropriate" and said a rope has been installed to keep tourists back.

It is disappointing that a member of the public has shown such disrespect to a member of the Queen's Guard. The Queen's Guard is under orders to protect Her Majesty, The Palace and his post,
said the representative of the Ministry of Defense.

The soldier is well within his rights to ask a member of the public to move away,
he added.

After the video became viral, lots of comments about the young man had been written on the video.

YouTube user Stephanie Rogers wrote:
Out of the frame so fast... lol.

Another one wrote down:
what an a_*hole tourist

There are some who laughed at the video but some got mad at the tourists' actions.

The video that was uploaded last Monday has been viewed for more that 54.7 million times.

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